Violin bows

Bow François Lotte, signed François Lotte

Bow L.MORIZOT brothers signed L.Morizot

Bow Master J.T.L signed Sarasate

Bow J.C Ouchard signed Gustave Villaume

Bow V.J Ferrelli

Bow M.Lapierre

Bow Walter Mettal

Bow Emile Ouchard

19th century classic bow

Archet Morizot frères signé Pillot

Nickel violin bow by Louis BAZIN.

Silver violin bow by CUNIOT HURY.

Silver violin bow by OUCHARD-CUNIOT HURY.(certificate).

Silver violin bow by Marc LABERTE, signed . (61gr).

Nickel violin bow by workshop of JJ.MARTIN.

Nickel violin bow of C.THOMASSIN school


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