We offer for sale a wide selection of old instruments restored the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, mainly manufactured in Mirecourt, Paris and the German school.

French violin by Léon MOUGENOT GAUCHE 1929. (357mm) SOLD

French violin by G.GALLESI made in Paris in 1932. (358mm) SOLD

French violin by d’Eugène LANGONET workshop, made in Nantes in 1929. (357mm) SOLD


French violin by J.CHEVRIER early 20th. (38mm) SOLD

Violin labelled “fait sous la direction de L.BERNARDEL”. (358 mm) SOLD

KLOTZ, violin made in Mittenwald, 18th century SOLD

Paul Kaul Violin, 1919 SOLD

Violin Michel Paris 1912 SOLD

Mirecourt violin, Paul Mangenot done in workshops Laberte SOLD

Violin N. Chappuy made ​​in Mirecourt circa 1770 good condition (360mm) SOLD

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