We offer for sale a wide selection of old instruments restored the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, mainly manufactured in Mirecourt, Paris and the German school.

French violin by Léon MOUGENOT GAUCHE 1929. (357mm) SOLD

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French violin by G.GALLESI made in Paris in 1932. (358mm) SOLD

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French violin by d’Eugène LANGONET workshop, made in Nantes in 1929. (357mm) SOLD

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French violin by J.CHEVRIER early 20th. (38mm) SOLD

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Violin labelled “fait sous la direction de L.BERNARDEL”. (358 mm) SOLD

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KLOTZ, violin made in Mittenwald, 18th century SOLD

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Paul Kaul Violin, 1919 SOLD

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Violin Michel Paris 1912 SOLD

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Mirecourt violin, Paul Mangenot done in workshops Laberte SOLD

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Violin N. Chappuy made ​​in Mirecourt circa 1770 good condition (360mm) SOLD

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