Old instruments

We offer for sale a wide selection of old instruments restored the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, mainly manufactured in Mirecourt, Paris and the German school.

French violin by Honoré Derazey stampted to the inner back, with a certificate from Jean Jaques Rampal, 359mm.

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French violin by Jules Grandjon, made in 1875, pencilled to the inner back, 355mm, bon état.

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French violin by Charles JB Collin Mezzin, made around 1910, pencilled to the inner back. 358mm, bon état.

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French violin by JTL, made in Mirecourt, around 1900, copy of  Ludovicus Ricozali. (360mm)

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French violin by René Jacquemin 1939,  (357mm).

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French violin by René JACQUEMIN workshop, 1939. (357mm)

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